Back to school — well in my case, back to Varsity

The big thing yesterday was when all the kids went back to school, the whole country on the same day due to the fact that everyone will have a 5 week holiday in June/July for the World Cup.  If you do not know what World Cup, under what rock have you been hiding?

Now in my case (or my kids should I say), it is not back to school but back to varsity.  Although varsity only officially starts on 25 Jan, both my son and daughter went back this week.  My daughter is first year and have to do all the first year things for the next 2 weeks – what a lot of fun.  My son is third year but he is a mentor for the first years and have to babysit the lot of first years.

They are both at Stellenbosch, daugther studying B.Sc Human Science and son studying Chemical Engineering.  It is going to be weird not to have to worry and care about school things anymore.  My kids are not kids anymore but young adults and I am so proud of them.  Yes, we bump heads, have arguments and fights but that is how things have to be.  They have there own opinions and have to learn by making mistakes and bumping there heads.

Off to go drop of things that my son/daughter forgot at home.  Any advice how to get them to remember?  Like they say in Afrikaans … head full of “muisneste” 🙂

Whether you have kids at school or varsity, let it be a good learning year for them and do allow them to have some fun along the way also.

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Academic Earth — now what is that?

Ever wanted to learn something new but have not got the time or money or whatever to attend University.  Well, how about doing it all within the confines of your four walls?  This is what Academic Earth is.  It gives you video recording or lectures from a couple of universities like Harward, MIT, Yale and others.  You can either stream the video or download them for later viewing.

I always wanted to do some course in Astronomy and found one on Academic Earth.  It is called Introduction to Astrophysics and I have watched the first couple of lectures and have learned more about Astronomy in those lectures than anywhere else.  Cannot wait for the rest of the lectures.

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The week that was.

A while back I posted about Kimi that won the F1 championship or NOT.  McLaren appealed against the result of the Brazilian GP and the hearing was yesterday and McLaren’s appeal was rejected.  Kimi was then confirmed as F1 World Champion.  Congrats to Kimi and Ferrari for winning both the drivers and constructors titles.

On a personal front .. what a hectic week.  As mentioned earlier, I started a new job and what a hectic week.  I still had some stuff to handover from my previous engagement to  the person that is taking over from me so had to commute between Cape Town and Bellville a couple of times. Coming week will be more of the same and then things should start to get back to normal.  Good luck Margie with all the new stuff.  The new job is going as well as can be expected.  Attending lots of meetings and get to know a lot of new faces, names and roles.  A big plus is that it takes me now only about 10 minutes from my house to the office.

This all did not leave much time for social life.  I will try to get some relaxing time in over this weekend by going to brunch this morning to catch up with a friend.

My son is off to Stellenbosch varsity next year and he did not make it into residence so we are now frantically looking for accommodation in Stellenbosch.  If anybody know of something decent and not to expensive then please either leave a comment or contact me via my contact page.

Here is a photo I took earlier this morning from my balcony.  What an amazing place I live in.
Sunrise 2
Image:  Marius Bock taken with Nokia N80