12 Reasons to be proud to be a geek

  1. Geeks make more money
  2. Geeks are smarter
  3. Geeks pay attention.
  4. Geeks remember what matters.
  5. Geeks pick out the best gifts.
  6. Geeks put in the extra effort.
  7. Geeks are better lovers.
  8. Geeks get the best gadgets.
  9. Geeks will nurture the child within.
  10. Geeks are the new handymen – except that they’re good at what they do.
  11. Geeks are trustworthy
  12. Geeks are a refreshing and attractive change from the regular stock

All this according to Geeks are Sexy.

So now if somebody calls you a geek then just shrug your shoulder knowing that you have all these things going for you.

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