Blog survived due to Pigeon Race – got Slashdotted :)

Looking at my blog stats this morning, I almost fell off my chair.  To give you some idea, the traffic on this blog is less than 50 pageviews (around 40 visitors) a day and yesterday and overnight it skyrocketed due to a Pigeon I wrote about.

The Pigeon article alone has almost 4000 views at the moment and here is some graphs that show my blog traffic over the past couple of days:

Blue: Pageviews – Yellow: Visitors
From:  Google Analystics

This is from WordPress Statistics.

So where did the traffic come from:

Yes, as can be seen, I got Slashdotted and my blog survived.  Here is the story on Slashdot: It was even on the front page of Slashdot for a while.

What I am really glad about is that I moved this blog not so long ago to a new host.  If this was the old host, it surely would not have survived.  My new host, Dreamhost, handle this kind of traffic without any problems.

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Moving this blog.

This Blog will be moving from it’s current home to a new home over the next week or so.  So if you happen to be the 1 or 2 people that is reading my blog and cannot find it then you know why.

The server where I am currently hosting is just getting too unreliable and I think it is a good time to move to my Dreamhost server where my other blog is already hosted.

PS. If you happen to host with or planning to host with SAHOSTPLUS.COM then please re-consider.  Their support is non-existant when something goes wrong.

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2 year Dreamhost hosting for about R200.00 (include free domain name)

Dreamhost is running a special at the moment (think it expires tonight) that will give you 2 year hosting for about R200.00 ($21.48).  This is for Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains etc. Use the Promo code 220 when you sign-up. See here for what you get.

It even include’s Unix Shell access for those brave souls that cannot get away from their command line.

Since I was looking for a Subversion host and they include unlimited subversion projects in the hosting this was a no brainer for me. I signed up and the process was very easy and flawless.  It even included Google Apps for Domains.

This promo code is directly from Dreamhost.  I get nothing out of this and this is my first try at Dreamhost.

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