2 year Dreamhost hosting for about R200.00 (include free domain name)

Dreamhost is running a special at the moment (think it expires tonight) that will give you 2 year hosting for about R200.00 ($21.48).  This is for Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains etc. Use the Promo code 220 when you sign-up. See here for what you get.

It even include’s Unix Shell access for those brave souls that cannot get away from their command line.

Since I was looking for a Subversion host and they include unlimited subversion projects in the hosting this was a no brainer for me. I signed up and the process was very easy and flawless.  It even included Google Apps for Domains.

This promo code is directly from Dreamhost.  I get nothing out of this and this is my first try at Dreamhost.

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