Sunrise over Cape Mountains

There was this little bit of cloud over the Hottentot Mountains and as luck would have it, this morning, the sunrise was through this little bit of clouds which made it spectacular.

Here is some photos for you to enjoy.

These photos were taken with my Canon Powershot SX20 at various focal lengths, f stops and exposure times.  Click on each image to enlarge.

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Winter sunrise — cold but beautiful

I had to get up very early this morning, taking my daughter to Stellenbosch to go write her acceptance tests today for studying at University next year.  On my way home, the sun was rising through the trees right in front of me.  I stopped and took some photos. 

You can find some more in my gallery here.

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Sunrise after a thunderstorm

After the heat of yesterday and last night, we had some sort of a thunderstorm and rain here in the Cape.  This morning, still with the clouds around we had this sunrise.

I will upload some more photos to my Photo Gallery here. Look in the Nature Photos album.

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DTP #3: Cape Town today

Yes I know I said that it will be Daily but due to unforeseen circumstances it got to way less than Daily. 

This is the sunrise this morning as taken from my house …


And this is the view from my office of beautiful Table Mountain …


How can one not love staying in this wonderful part of the world. 

Sunrise and Clouds.

OWSunrise 2

This morning I took this photo when the sun came up over the mountains and the cloud formation just made it so special.  My little 3 megapixel cellphone does not do justice to the sun and the clouds.  Must really look for a decent Digital camera.

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