Blog stats and visitors

I have been tracking stats to my Blog since 18 October 2006 (my blog is somewhat older than that) and for those that is interested, here are the numbers.

First the visitors: (Not as popular as Andy 🙂 )

and where they from

and what browsers they use (good to see more than halve is using Firefox)

And how did they get to my blog (hmmm … do not really know what this say)

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Golf and other things

After not playing golf for more that 2 years, I was back on the course yesterday morning.  What a painful experience — could not even break 100.  When last I played I shot in the mid to lower 80’s so this was an experience by itself.  This morning my legs and back are sore with blisters on my heels.  But I also know after a couple of rounds everything will be getting back to normal again.

Talking about golf.  Saw this post from Mr BusinessGolf today on Ernie’s prediction that he, Ernie, will catch Tiger in 3 years time and be #1 again.  Mr BusinessGolf is predicting that it will be a lot sooner.  I am a patriotic supported of Ernie, and know him personally, but do not agree with Mr BusinessGolf.  Ernie must first gets his mental side in order before he will catch Tiger on anybody else for that matter.

Oh and lastly,  my spanking new Ford Focus 1.6 SI Sport was delivered to me yesterday afternoon.  Luckily I am on holiday so will take it for a leisurely drive to the beach today.

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Back at being a official golf club member again

After a bit more than 2 years, I again today joined my old golf club.  Luckily they still had all my detail and even got my old membership number back which meant that I did not even need a new membership card.

The bad side is that they also had all my old scores which meant I will start with the handicap I had when I left the club.  That was a 15 and I am nowhere near a 15 handicap golfer at the moment.  Well we will see tomorrow when I will venture out on the green grass again.

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Dreamhost — what a disaster!!

As mentioned before, I am looking for a new hosting company.  I came across  Dreamhost and using their $97 coupon meant that I could get a year’s hosting for around $22 which is a very good deal.  It looked liked they offered everything I needed so I went ahead to signup for a Dreamhost account.

Everything seemed to go fine until I received a note from them that I should print out some form.  Hand filled it in with an image of my credit card on it, and fax this form back to them.  Being on holiday and not near a fax machine (who still uses fax machines in any case), I decided to take a digital photo of the form and email it to Dreamhost.  The digital image was actually very good, probably a lot better than what the fax would have been.

What a surprise when I received a automated message from Dreamhost that they do not accept attachments in email and that I must upload the attachment somewhere and send them the URL.  After doing that and sending them the URL, got another response saying that they will only accept a fax. If I cannot do that then they will just cancel my sign-up which they then did.  I am sure they did not even bother looking at the digital image of the signed form.

Well, I would never recommend them to anybody ever.  And here I though we are living in a digital world. 

Off to search for another host that want my business .. any recommendations?

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Bought a new car today

As mentioned before, I am currently looking to buy a new car.  Went to test drive a Ford Focus 1.6 SI Sport today and a hour later I have bought it.  So if everything goes as it should with registration, finance ect I should have a brand spanking new Oyster Silver Ford Focus by the end of the week. 

Hmmm, was about time I give myself a big Christmas present :).

On another note — I am catching up on some reading.  Eragon the movie is opening here in South Africa on Friday and when I browsed through a bookshop yesterday, I came accross the Box Set of Eragon and Eldest books.  I was always disappointed reading books after seeing the movie, so this time around I have decided to read the book first before watching the movie.

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Hooray!!! … I’am on leave

Yesterday was my last day before a long break from work.  How nice it will be to wake up in the morning and not think about meetings, customers and things work related.  Sorry IBM, I am going to try to give you as little as possible of my time.

So what is on my agenda:  (no not plans, since I am sure some of these I will not get too)

  • Play a lot of golf — officially join a club again (looks like it will be Bellville Golf Club)
  • Find a new car — either a Honda Civic Hatch or Ford Focus 2.0 ST Hatch
  • Visit some family
  • Go to the beach
  • Work on a pet project of mine: (visit and you will see — if there is any golf clubs that is interested in it then just contact me and I will point you in the right direction)
  • and anything I feel like doing when I get up in the mornings.

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So much to do, so little time

Friday is my last day at work before going on leave for about 4 weeks.  My first proper leave in about 18 months and boy, how do I look forward to the break.

However, before going on leave there is so much still to do in making sure that everything is in order for the team to keep on delivering on the outsource deal to Safmarine.  Luckily for me, there is some very capable people that can look after some of the things that have to be done.

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This is so cool!!

At last I can use my Sametime (that is if you run version 7.5) and connect to other IM clients.  And I quote:

The world’s largest instant messaging community is now available for IBM Lotus Sametime customers via the Lotus Sametime Gateway. Lotus Sametime users can now instant message users of Google Talk, AOL AIM, and Yahoo! Messenger. This capability bridges a big gap in communications between the enterprise and consumer communities.

How cool would it be if it also connect to MSN and Skype eventually ..

Update:  Here is a link to an eWeek article.

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