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I have a couple of email accounts (that does not include my work [IBM] address) which I have to monitor on a daily basis.  Over the years these accounts have landed up in the clutches of Spammers which meant that I receive close to 500 SPAM emails each and every day.

I use Thunderbird as my mail client which work well in catching all this Spam but it means that I have to download all the email from my email servers.

Since a couple of weeks ago I started using MailWasher Pro from FireTrust.  What a difference this has made .. basically you can setup as many email accounts in it and then it will download only the headers and first couple of lines of the email.  It will then apply all its build-in SPAM rules and any other rules that you might have defined to mark the mails as either SPAM or Legitimate.  It support Whitelists, Blacklist, Blacklist Servers and Friendslists. When it is done marking all the email you just process it and MailWasher Pro goes and delete all the unwanted Spam and Junk from your email server. So when you use your email client (Thunderbird in my case) to download you email, all that is left over to download is Legitimate emails.

Here is some stats from my use of it:
mwsummary - 2007-01-04

And how the SPAM was classified:
mwspam - 2007-01-04

The Pro version is a Shareware version and if I do not find anything else with the same capabilities over the next week or so I will register this.  I prefer to use Open Source software but have not come accross anything with the same features as MailWasher Pro.  If anybody know of a Open Source/Free product with this features then please let me know so that I can have a look at it.

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