27dinner – 27 June 2007

Firstly I am back to using ScribeFire to blog since Qumana did not live up to my expectations .. for some reason it will just die on me at the most unappropriated time.

Yesterday evening I went to the 27dinner held at the Hotel School and overall it was a great evening.  Not as good as the first one at the Hotel School but great none the less.  The food was ok .. nothing to write home about and the last talk did not go down well — rather not mention names.

Once again Stormhoek provided some wine — Graham, the pink one is not for me thanks but the Shiraz on the table was great.

I met 2 guys from Die Burger who attended this for the first time — sorry guys but with all the new people I already forgot your names.  It is good to see old media embracing new media.

Met some people in real life that I have met previously in the virtual world.  Eric and Lorynne, it is was good to meet.  Lorynne, you must have a great time in Spain.  Oh and the guy from Yeigo .. good to meet somebody whose product I am actually using.

And then there was all the old faces — Dave, Max, Nikki, Tania, Joe, Malan, Henk and a couple of people I probably have left out.

Lastly thanks for the cupcake.

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I really need to find a way so that I remember the next morning who the people was that I met .. is it ok to ask for a business card or something at these kind of events? 

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