Why are you twittering?…..

This is the question I was asked today from somebody I have no idea who the person is.  It is neither one of my Twitter friends or Twitter followers.  Maybe this person is somebody that viewed my profile on Facebook where my twitterings is displayed via the Twitter Facebook application.

This made me think about how to answer this.  In the end, I think it is more that I follow other people than to tell the would what I am doing.  And via the people I follow, I have stumbled or was told about some really interesting things.  Things I would have no idea existed if I was not twittering.

However, founding out that people do actually read my one or two twitterings made me wonder whether I should actually share more about what I am up to.

So that one person from Knysna who is reading some of my twitterings, either become a follower so that I can start following you or just contact me to solve this mystery for me.

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