Rain, potholes and burst tires :(

As I type this I am as mad as hell.  Roads in South Africa is not the best and with all the rain that we had in the Cape, meant that potholes is showing up in places you least expect them.  Earlier today I took a side road to the shop around the corner and there was a piece of road under water on my side of the road.  I had to go through the water since another car was coming from the front.  Unknown to me there was a big pothole hidden under the water.  I went through the hole at about 40km/h.

Front right tire got a major cut in it and deflated immediately.  I also notice that the back left has a bubble in it.  Will have to pop into the tire place tomorrow morning before work and replace the one and have the others checked out. As far as I can determine it is only the tires that took damage but even that is going to put me back a couple of Rand.

This just shows how bad the condition of our roads in this country is.  Just a bit more than normal rain and the roads are full of potholes.

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