Daily Travel Photo (DTP) #1

As most of you know my current job involves travelling across the breath of South Africa, mostly by air but I do come across things I would like to share.  I thought I would take a leave out of Paul’s and Kerry-Ann’s (they are the people behind Cape Town Daily Photo) book and share a photograph on a daily basis.  At least that is the idea, I might skip some days when time does not allow.

I am calling my attempt at this, Daily Travel Photo (DTP) since it will be a photograph about where the road and work takes me.


I though the best place to start is where I stay at the moment.  It is a glorious sunny winters day in Johannesburg and this photo is taken from my guesthouse room balcony of the back garden with the swimming pool and little cascading  waterfall which has a very soothing sound.

Hope you enjoy what I have to bring you on a daily basis.  Actually I stated this yesterday with the post regarding the beggar.

Comments always welcome.

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