Ice cream on flight in winter

I flew back from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a BA flight yesterday afternoon after spending a week in Johannesburg.  How do people stand that cold .. I will rather take the wet in Cape Town than that cold in Jhb .. I almost froze to death.

On to the ice cream.  Instead of peanuts and whatnot, we got dished out icecream.  You know those Magnum ice cream on a stick,  only small versions of it.  These ice creams were frozen rock solid and it was a laugh watching the people trying to eat these.  Trying to bite pieces of was just impossible except for the chocolate coating on the outside.  This was the first time that I was given ice cream on a flight and it was actually very nice.  Just a pity it was such a small one.  What I find interesting is that they serve ice cream in the midst of a cold winter and come summer these ice creams are nowhere to be seen.  Will never understand that thinking.

Overall the flight was a very pleasant and fun flight .. very friendly lady between myself and Andre on the flight and was not offended by the jokes we cracked about the woman pilot.  Yes, we had a woman pilot and obviously all the woman pilot jokes and comments came out.  Must say that she, the woman pilot, was actually good.  The landing was not to bumpy and she missed most of the air tirbulance.

I am just happy to be back home in good ol Cape Town .. Jhb really sucks.

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DTP #2: Dinner by candlelight

Sorry for the quality but it is the best I could do in the dark with my cellphone.


Last night at around 7 pm the power went out in my room.  Luckily I had a battery flashlight (the first one did not work and I had to get a replacement).  Not being able to use the microwave or anything, I settled for a dinner of cheese and crackers.

Just some of the things to keep in mind when travelling across South Africa these days.  You never know when you going to be hit by a power failure.

Daily Travel Photo (DTP) #1

As most of you know my current job involves travelling across the breath of South Africa, mostly by air but I do come across things I would like to share.  I thought I would take a leave out of Paul’s and Kerry-Ann’s (they are the people behind Cape Town Daily Photo) book and share a photograph on a daily basis.  At least that is the idea, I might skip some days when time does not allow.

I am calling my attempt at this, Daily Travel Photo (DTP) since it will be a photograph about where the road and work takes me.


I though the best place to start is where I stay at the moment.  It is a glorious sunny winters day in Johannesburg and this photo is taken from my guesthouse room balcony of the back garden with the swimming pool and little cascading  waterfall which has a very soothing sound.

Hope you enjoy what I have to bring you on a daily basis.  Actually I stated this yesterday with the post regarding the beggar.

Comments always welcome.

Johannesburg beggar

Yes I know it was a while but I have been so busy with travelling and working and life in general. 

Here is how ingenuous people can be.

Jhb beggar

This photo was taken when I stopped at a red robot in Johannesburg yesterday on my way from work back to my guesthouse.  This guy was painted silver from head to toe and stood dead still in the road.  I was at the robot for at least 2 minutes and he did not move at all, not even his open mouth closed. Just as the robot turned green the car in front of me dropped some money in his hat (which was also painted silver) and he moved to say thanks.  Although I do not like to give money to robot beggars, I also gave some since this was really ingenuous and he deserved some recognition.

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New challenges and change.

Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.

They say that change is as good as a holiday.  Things are changing in my life and with it will come new challenges.

At work I have moved on to a new role (still within IBM South Africa) which will mean that for the next couple of weeks and months, I will be staying in Cape Town and working in Johannesburg.  I will be commuting between Cape Town and Johannesburg on a weekly basis and depending on the needs of the work, I will be in Johannesburg anything between 2 and 5 days a week. I cannot say much about the work I will be doing but when things are more finalized then I will post it here.

I will get to know the inside of airports, airplanes and hotels.  Made sure that my Voyager and BA Executive Club cards are up to date and make sure I stay in the same hotel group to benefit from Frequent Guest privileges.

This should give me a chance to pop in at 27dinner in Johannesburg.  Do they have Geekdinners in Johannesburg?

This will also give me the opportunity to see my Johannesburg and Pretoria friends more often.  Hey, one cannot live on hotel food alone.  So if any of my readers from up there want to meet, then contact me and we can make a plan.

I am sure I will build up a wealth of experience of how to commute across the country for one’s job.  From time to time I will share that here – what to look out for and what to avoid.  What the quickest way through an airport is?  Experience with hotels, rental companies and airlines.  I will also appreciate any comments which any of you might have on things to avoid or look out for.

To my Cape Town friends,  I will not leave this beautiful place anytime soon so you will still see me around.