Moving this blog.

This Blog will be moving from it’s current home to a new home over the next week or so.  So if you happen to be the 1 or 2 people that is reading my blog and cannot find it then you know why.

The server where I am currently hosting is just getting too unreliable and I think it is a good time to move to my Dreamhost server where my other blog is already hosted.

PS. If you happen to host with or planning to host with SAHOSTPLUS.COM then please re-consider.  Their support is non-existant when something goes wrong.

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Moving and Telkom.

I am moving house at the beginning of October and the cartoon above made me think whether Telkom will get around to doing my transfer in time.  Monday this week I paid the local Telkom office a visit to arrange for the transfer of my phone and ADSL line.

What a surprise when I received this from Telkom

Telkom Ref:xxxxxxx/xx

Your service will be installed on 01/10/08.For enquiries please dial 10219

We will now have to see if Telkom keeps their word.  Not holding my breath.  Luckily I have 3G as backup.

I wanted to move to Neotel and although they do cover my area, they only support one device with some kind of Windows setup.  I have a network and will hang on till when their wireless device support an Ethernet connection to my router.

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