27Dinner & The Future of Work

Wednesday evening I attended the 27Dinner and it was great to see some old faces and meet some new people Face to Face.  All in all it was a great evening of just socializing with old and new friends.  And oh the talks was great too 🙂

One of the questions I was asked over and over again when people hear I work for IBM, is what is a big corporate like IBM doing at a social event like 27Dinner.  Few people know that IBM with 400000 permanent employees is dependent in its daily work on social software, networks and communities. Each of the social tools like Twitter, Blogging, Wikis, Forums etc has an IBM equivalent inside.  Also we have social tools inside that I have not seen outside yet, but cannot say much about that.

One of my colleagues, Luis Suarez, has recorded a video on The Future of Work and the use of social networks and tools.  To give you an idea how he works – he works for IBM Netherlands, stay in the Canary Islands and report to 2 bosses in the United States.

The Future of Work by Luis Suarez from Luis Suarez on Vimeo.

The video is fairly long but gives a good idea what he thinks. In the video he also discusses the use of email – here is a blog posting from him on that subject.

Moving and Telkom.

I am moving house at the beginning of October and the cartoon above made me think whether Telkom will get around to doing my transfer in time.  Monday this week I paid the local Telkom office a visit to arrange for the transfer of my phone and ADSL line.

What a surprise when I received this from Telkom

Telkom Ref:xxxxxxx/xx

Your service will be installed on 01/10/08.For enquiries please dial 10219

We will now have to see if Telkom keeps their word.  Not holding my breath.  Luckily I have 3G as backup.

I wanted to move to Neotel and although they do cover my area, they only support one device with some kind of Windows setup.  I have a network and will hang on till when their wireless device support an Ethernet connection to my router.

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Time to buy a new camera!!

For a while now I have been contemplating buying a new Digital Camera.  The question was first whether I should buy a Point and Shoot or a DSLR.  I eventually decided, if I am going to buy then I can just as well do a good job of it so settled for DSLR. The next thing to do was what DSLR having decided that it will be a Canon.  I was between a 400D and a 450D and then the 1000D  made its appearance.

Read more about the camera here.

I have heard good things about the camera and from the 3 (400D, 450D and 1000D), it seems to be the best value for money.  Anybody has any different ideas about it or why I should not buy it?  Also if you know of any place that has the best price for it then please let me know.

Die week wat was.

Hendrik en Melanie troue 1

Vrydag ‘n week gelede was ek by Hendrik en Melanie se troue in Stellenbosch.  Wat ‘n heerlike troue.  Die onthaal na die kerkdiens was by Cape Town Fish Market in Stellenbosch – iets anders as die normale troue maar uit die boonste rakke.  Baie geluk aan Hendrik en Melanie en mag julle ontsettend gelukkig wees.

By die werk gaan dinge maar voort.  Ek reis nie meer so baie nie en is besig om die reëlings te hanteer vir ons kantoor skuif van die middestad na Century City.

Ek het ook die week besef hoe wonderlik goeie vriende is en hoe hulle mens uit die bloute kan verras.  Dit was gister my half-eeu verjaarsdag en Vrydag toe word ‘n koerier pakkie by my kantoor afgelaai.  Binne was ‘n  verjaarsdag geskenk van iemand baie spesiaal en ver.  Wat ‘n verrassing en baie dankie M.  Ek waardeer dit opreg.

Ek het ook besef hoe geseënd ek is om 2 wonderlike kinders te hê.  Vrydagaand het my dogter vir ons die heerlikste aandete gemaak.  Dankie Meriska.

Meriska uiteet 1Meriska uiteet 2

Hierdie fotos is gisteraand geneem van my dogter toe ons gaan uiteet het by Cattle Baron.  Dit was heerlik om net kwaliteit tyd saam met my kinders te spandeer.

DTP# 4: Two sides of the same coin.


Rainbow over Cape Town while I was driving home from work.  Those of you that know Cape Town will know these bridges – this is the half build bridges which is now earning the city lots of money being used in adverts and movies.

Sononder 1 20080803

Two days later on my way back from Stellenbosch after dropping my son at varsity, I saw this view.  This is taken from the Polkadraai road between Stellenbosch and Kuilsriver.  Those of you that do not recognise the mountain .. its Tablemountain.