IBM to cut 5000 jobs in America!

The current economic market is more bad than worse that is forcing not only small organizations but also the giant organizations to cut out the work force. IBM, one of the leading groups, is about to cut 5000 jobs in USA.

The job cuts will account for over 4 percent of IBM’s U.S. workforce, which totaled around 115,000 at the end of 2008. An International Business Machines Corp spokesman declined to comment. The company, which had a total workforce of 398,455 as of end 2008, has not disclosed how many jobs it has cut so far this year, but has said it was making “structural changes” to reduce spending and improve productivity.

IBM, which now earns around two-thirds of its revenue from outside the United States, has been expanding its workforce in emerging markets like India and China.At the end of 2008, employment in the BRIC countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India and China with a total of around 113,000.

I hope this does not split over to South Africa.  It is unlikely since IBM seen SA as a Growth Market and is investing lots on money into this region.

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Academic Earth — now what is that?

Ever wanted to learn something new but have not got the time or money or whatever to attend University.  Well, how about doing it all within the confines of your four walls?  This is what Academic Earth is.  It gives you video recording or lectures from a couple of universities like Harward, MIT, Yale and others.  You can either stream the video or download them for later viewing.

I always wanted to do some course in Astronomy and found one on Academic Earth.  It is called Introduction to Astrophysics and I have watched the first couple of lectures and have learned more about Astronomy in those lectures than anywhere else.  Cannot wait for the rest of the lectures.

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