Company (that is for working at) envy ..

Is there something like Company Envy?  That is not for their products but for a place to work.  I am fairly sure of it and most of us had this desire to work for one or other company be it Google, Facebook, IBM (did work for them) or even Microsoft.  These are all big companies and are all over the press every day.  We all know how well the employees get treated at GooglePlex and we have all heard stories about other companies.

I have this secret that I have Company Envy and have been for the past couple of years.  There is this fairly small company that is based in the Western Cape which I really want to go work for. I am not going to mention their name but people that do know me would figure this out fairly easy.  Now you may ask, why, surely they not that much different than other companies.  

So why do I want to work for them:

  • I believe in the work they do and think they so far ahead in their field.
  • I know lots of the people working there and they ethical, fair and commited to do the right thing.
  • They work hard but at the same time ensure that there is balance between work and life .. you know that work/life balance thing.
  • They treat their employees as family which is more than can be said for most other companies in this day and age.
  • Only the best gets the opportunity to work there and if you in the fortunate posotion then you know you one of the best.
  • And the list goes on ….

We all have this bucket list of things that we want to do and I do not think many include working at a specific company on their bucket list.  Well it is on my bucket list together with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and playing golf on the Old Course at St Andrews (done that and ticked off).

I am sure the opportunity will present itself in near future and believe me, I will be ready to grab it with both my hands.

Here’s to dreams coming true … 

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