Geekdinner, 28 March

Yesterday evening (28 March) I attended the Geekdinner that was held at Barbarellas in Constantia Village and my overall opinion is that is was a great success and everybody had a great time.

It was good to meet some virtual acquaintances like Tania and Neil face to face and also to catch up with old friends like Ian and Joe.  Have also met a lot of other people but names is not one of my strong points.

The talks was good and interesting .. not too long and in all likelyhood the right kind of talks for the people that attended.  I particurly liked that Ubuntu was promoted and people were asked to get involved. Neil’s talk on OpenID gave me the idea to implement OpenID on this blog.

There is one thing that I find strange — were is all the geek girls?  Out of a group of about 50 I only counted 5.  BTW, what does one call a female geek?

Thanks again Joe for arranging .. was a job well done.

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Privacy, and the things the blogophere brings

I read 2 blog entries today that basically covered the same thing and started me thinking what I am doing here and why I have  a blog.  The first was from Max on Kathy Sierra and treads around what one say.  I think the important thing to recognise is that there will always be people that will not like what one says.  Just like in normal life, there is the weirdos and things is no different in the blogging world.

The other one is from Tania and her so called identity crisis.  I purposly did not call my domain my name but something totally arbitory.  Where the name “henriska” comes from is a story I will tell at another time or if we ever meet face to face then ask me.

What has this all got to do with me.  I blog because I have an opinion about certain things and like to share it. But with this comes some responsibility.  Do not share information that is privilege to you.  People tell one things in confidence and the biggest no-no is to break that confidence. I try to be honest and if I make a opinion about somebody or something I try to back it up with facts.  And oh I do not blog anything about my family .. it is just a big no-no in my book.  And if I do not have anything good to say about my friends then I rather not say it.

How does the saying goes – criticise in private and praise in public.

Lastly, I believe we all want to belong and find ways to build a commuinity around us.  The blogging, twittering and facebook world we live in is a way for us to built that commuinity and feel accepted.

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How to flirt on the road with your car ..

We all know how to say thanks when another driver let you pass on the road or give you a gap at a busy intersection.  But what if you want to say more than thanks .. see a nice looking girl or guy in the car next to you?  Well some German guy came up with a thing called the Flashbox to set off a series of indicator flicks that mean something

This might get real interesting and confusing if all the cars around you suddenly start flashing their indicators and everyone start “chatting” with everyone.  Is this just another form of social networking and community building?

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In search of a digital camera!

I am traveling overseas in a couple of weeks time – for work to IBM Denmark but will hopefully have some spare time for some sightseeing.  Will be my first trip to Denmark.  I probably need to invest in a digital camera before that and looking for suggestions.  I am not a photographic professional like Andy so do not need anything fancy and complex.

Mainly looking for something that can take decent pictures, have good zoom capabilities and is fairly small with a fair size memory card.

While I am at it, I will also appreciate advice on things to see and do when in Denmark — I am mainly going to Copenhagen. And what type of clothes to take — probably will go there the first or second week of April — what is the weather like then?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Blogger Braai

Stormhoek is having a bloggers braai on their farm this coming Friday, 23 March.  Wish I had the time to attend this as it looks like a great lot of fun but unfortunately cannot make it.  For all those attending, have a great time. If you want to go then sign up here … be quick since they only take 25 people.  And they will even give you a sleeping place if you taste too much of their nice wines.

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So frustrating — this $&^$#& Internet is SA

I do not know whether it is Telkom or IS (my ISP is a IS affiliated one) but for the last couple of days/weeks my international connectivity is shocking.  As I sit or should I say type, I cannot even access Google.

This is a damn Saturday morning and everybody should be sleeping so it cannot be to little bandwidth so it is something technical which somebody should be able to easily fix.  But then we have so much morons in this country running companies that it is only interested in screwing us and pocketing the money.  There I got if off my chest but it did &$&^$& to my Internet connectivity .. I still cannot access most International sites.

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Are you in SA and an Amstel beer drinker?

I suggest you stock up — with Heineken canceling the contract with SAB for distributing Amstel, it looks like there will be a dry patch for all you Amstel drinkers….

If you do run out then I suggest you switch to either Windhoek Lager or Heineken … please do not switch to Castle or Lion — you will regret it the morning after.

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How does one keep up with Twitter?

I have only 5 friends on my Twitter and almost cannot keep up with all the chatter.  How does other people keep up.  See Andy has 39 and Kelly 27 and I am sure there are others that have way way more friends.  Read today that some people have 1000 people they follow ..

I would like to know how all you Twitter users keep up with all this?

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