Snow on the mountains

As mentioned in my previous posting, my daughter spend the day in Stellenbosch writing admission tests.  Yesterday afternoon when I went to fetch her, I saw the snow covered mountain peeks.  Now you all know why it is so freezing cold here in Cape Town.

You can see the full scale image and more in my gallery here.

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Winter sunrise — cold but beautiful

I had to get up very early this morning, taking my daughter to Stellenbosch to go write her acceptance tests today for studying at University next year.  On my way home, the sun was rising through the trees right in front of me.  I stopped and took some photos. 

You can find some more in my gallery here.

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This will do nicely in my Livingroom

And I quote:

Maingear’s new Axess HD Gamer brings hardcore PC gaming into your living room with a Core i7 processor, up to 12GB of DDR3 memory, 2x NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT cards in SLI, a Phantom Lapboard and robust media center capabilities. More specifically, the Axess HD can include a Blu-ray drive, 8-channel HD audio, WIndows Vista Home Premium and up to 4TB of hard drive storage or, if you choose, dual 160GB SSDs. Connections include: DVI-D, VGA, HDMI and component out, dual gigabit ethernet, eight USB 2.0 ports, two 6-pin FireWire ports and eSATA. There is also the option of adding a TV Tuner (no CableCARD). Granted, the Axcess is highly configurable, and if you get this thing completely loaded it will cost you over $6,000

All I would change is replacing that Windows bit with Linux 🙂

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WordPress 2.8 RSS problem – caused by rouge plugin

In my previous post on WP 2.8 I mentioned the RSS Fatal error problem.  I have found the cause of the problem and it is a plugin I use for the Lifestream page I have.  The plugin in question is SimpleLife – the version I am using is 1.3 which seem to be the latest.  The one on the site shows version 1.2 and the maintainers site gives a 404 error. 

I have disabled the plugin and now the RSS feed on the Admin Dashboard is working fine with no Fatal Error.  This has broken my Lifestream page.  Will go and find a similar plugin to populate the Lifestream page.

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Gift from Google – Adwords

I received this R1000.00 Adwords gift from Google and since I have never checked Google’s Ad stuff out I decided to give it a try.

Also decided to try their Adsense thingy, that is why you see ads to the right and if you get this via a feed, at the bottom.  Maybe, just maybe, somebody click on it and I will get a cent coming my way in a couple for year when it is big enough for Google to make a payment.

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WordPress upgrade to version 2.8

I have 3 blogs and upgrading them was a mixed bag this time around.  On my blog at, I used the automatic WordPress upgrade and that went flawless.  With my second blog at, I used the upgrade with the CPANEL of the hosting company and again the upgrade went as expected. I use both these blogs as testing ground and not my main blog.  So having upgraded both those, I ventured into upgrading this one. 

It was problems from the start.  The first problem I ran into was:
Download failed.: name lookup timed out
This was something to do with curl and following (at the bottom) and installing the Core Control Plugin and following the directions, I managed to get the ZIP file downloaded. 

The next problem I ran into was something about the ZIP file that cannot be UNZIPed.  I could not find a resolution for this so went the route of manually upgrading my blog.  This went as expected and my blog seem to be working.  If you do find things that does not work as it should be then please let me know.  With all the issues, I do not know whether I trust the upgrade.

On the outside everything looks good but in the admin part I get the following when it tries to retrieve feeds for the DASHBOARD:
Fatal error: Please call SimplePie_Cache::create() instead of the constructor in /home/mariusb/public_html/blog/wp-includes/class-feed.php on line 13
I have not managed to find a solution for this.  Suggestion will be appreciated.

Having done lots of WP installs and upgrades, I must say that this one is the most problematic and error prone. I am sure an update will come out soon, so my suggestion is that you do not upgrade just yet.

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