Nokia Ovi Maps switches off Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Help!

I have a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and for a while now whenever I start Ovi Maps, it switches off the phone.  This started when I had Ovi Maps 2.  I upgraded to Ovi Maps 3 (the latest version) and also upgraded the phone firmware to version 31.  Firmware version 40 is not available in my country.

When I run on battery power the phone switches off almost immediately.  Actually just after it ask whether it should go online.  Make no difference whether I answer yes or no.  When it is plugged into power, it sometimes take a while before it switches off.

I have Googled and searched but could not find any solutions anywhere.  Anybody reading here have any suggestions?

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Sunrise over Cape Mountains

There was this little bit of cloud over the Hottentot Mountains and as luck would have it, this morning, the sunrise was through this little bit of clouds which made it spectacular.

Here is some photos for you to enjoy.

These photos were taken with my Canon Powershot SX20 at various focal lengths, f stops and exposure times.  Click on each image to enlarge.

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Vriendskap moet aan gewerk word!

Raak ons so selfsugtig deesdae dat mense nie meer aan vriendskappe werk nie?  Raak ons so vasgevang in ons eie probleme en “issues” dat ons nie meer tyd het vir ander mense nie? Of is ons net mooiweers vriende dat ons slegs kontak hou as ons iets van iemand nodig het.

Ek weet ek is baie skuldig aan dit, maar ek wat nooit nuwejaars voornemens het nie, het besluit om vanjaar ‘n daadwerklike poging aan te wend om uit te reik en te probeer om vriendskappe aan die gang te hou.  Ek weet dit is nog vroeg in die jaar maar wat ‘n ontnugtering.

In elke geval tot dusver voel dit asof net ek iets omtrent dit doen.  As ek nie SMS, bel, chat of e-mail nie dan hoor mens niks van die mense nie. En hoekom as mens voorstel om te kuier dat die antwoord wat terugkom altyd is dat die persoon sal laat weet maar nooit laat weet nie.

Wel ek het die deur oopgemaak en kom ons kyk hoe lank daai deure oopbly.  Om eerlik te wees dink ek nie baie lank nie.  Dalk word ek verbaas deur een of 2 van die persone maar ons sal maar sien.

So wat dink julle?

Back to school — well in my case, back to Varsity

The big thing yesterday was when all the kids went back to school, the whole country on the same day due to the fact that everyone will have a 5 week holiday in June/July for the World Cup.  If you do not know what World Cup, under what rock have you been hiding?

Now in my case (or my kids should I say), it is not back to school but back to varsity.  Although varsity only officially starts on 25 Jan, both my son and daughter went back this week.  My daughter is first year and have to do all the first year things for the next 2 weeks – what a lot of fun.  My son is third year but he is a mentor for the first years and have to babysit the lot of first years.

They are both at Stellenbosch, daugther studying B.Sc Human Science and son studying Chemical Engineering.  It is going to be weird not to have to worry and care about school things anymore.  My kids are not kids anymore but young adults and I am so proud of them.  Yes, we bump heads, have arguments and fights but that is how things have to be.  They have there own opinions and have to learn by making mistakes and bumping there heads.

Off to go drop of things that my son/daughter forgot at home.  Any advice how to get them to remember?  Like they say in Afrikaans … head full of “muisneste” 🙂

Whether you have kids at school or varsity, let it be a good learning year for them and do allow them to have some fun along the way also.

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Start of 2010 in Plett …

It was a cloudy and misty evening in Plett.  But for a couple of minutes the full moon shown through the clouds. This moon is called a Blue Moon since it is the second full moon for December 2009 and the 13th full moon for 2009.

As is tradition, New Year was seen in with fireworks at the Beacon Island Hotel … some of the photos I managed to capture from my viewing point.

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