Almost full moon, experiment with zoom on Canon Powershot SX20 IS

The moon was almost full on a perfect Cape winters evening.  Good time to experiment with the zoom on my Canon Powershot SX20 IS. I am very hesitant to use the digital zoom on any camera but as you can see from the photo at the bottom, even at 4x Digital, it is not that bad.

Focal Length: 53.8mm (10.7x Optical and no Digital)

Focal Length: 100mm (20x Optical and no Digital)

Focal Length: 100mm (20x Optical and 1.54x Digital)

Focal Length: 100mm (20x Optical and 4x Digital)

One can see it is a bit grainy at 4x Digital but anything between 1.5x and 2x Digital is great.

Click on the image to see a larger one.  Also you can see more in my Picasa Album.

The moon, rugby and friendship.

Today is full moon and it poked its head over the mountains fairly early today.  Here is what I captured with my cellphone – excuse the quality.

Early moon

image How about the Stormers yesterday beating the Hurricans.  This win moved the Stormers up to 4th on the log.

Next weekend the Stormers are up against the Highlanders that got beaten by the Bulls.  Lets hope that the Stormers can bag 5 log points by beating the Highlanders and run in more than 4 tries.


Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about friendship and relationships and all that I am left with are more questions than answers.

  • When does a friendship stop being a friendship only and become a relationship? Is there one defining point where one moves from one state to another?  How does one knows this?
  • Does it mean that when one is in a relationship, other friends become less important?
  • Why is being in a relationship so much more complicated than being just friends?
  • Can one be great friends with somebody while that person is in a relationship with somebody else?  Or if that other person is just very interested in somebody else?