WordPress 2.8 RSS problem – caused by rouge plugin

In my previous post on WP 2.8 I mentioned the RSS Fatal error problem.  I have found the cause of the problem and it is a plugin I use for the Lifestream page I have.  The plugin in question is SimpleLife – the version I am using is 1.3 which seem to be the latest.  The one on the WordPress.org site shows version 1.2 and the maintainers site gives a 404 error. 

I have disabled the plugin and now the RSS feed on the Admin Dashboard is working fine with no Fatal Error.  This has broken my Lifestream page.  Will go and find a similar plugin to populate the Lifestream page.

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Community Building

Over the last couple of days you will notice 2 new things in the side bar and both is around community building.  The first, MyBlogLog, is to show who is visiting my blog and take an interest in my ramblings.  Obviously to see yourself listed there, you need to register at MyBlogLog.

The second is what is called a AutoRoll … it gives an indication of what visitors to my blog read on the Internet.  Again to be part of this, you need to register at AutoRoll.  This service is still in beta but I have already found some interesting commonalities between what I read and what my visitors read.

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Found a new host

A while back I blogged about searching for a new web host.  I eventually decided on one after reading good comments about PolurNet.  I settled for their smallest and cheapest reseller option.  It has all the options I need and seems that their support is very good.  Already had a support question for them and they responded and resolved my query very quickly.

One of the first things I am doing on it is testing WordPress 2.1 on a domain I setup there.  This is a pre-amble in upgrading this version (which currently is 2.0.7) to WordPress 2.1

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In search of a new host

I am in search of a new hosting evironment which basically must offer the following:

  • Reseller hosting
  • WHM and cPanel support
  • PHP – version 5.1.4 (pref version 5.1.6)
  • PHP-PDO support for MySQL enabled (default is to only enable it for sqlite2)
  • MySQL obviously.
  • Around 2GB disk space
  • Around 5GB bandwidth allocation
  • Apache mod-rewrite support
  • Support for .htaccess at a directory level
  • Postgres support would be a bonus — give me some playground for it 🙂

If you know of any hosting company that provide this and does not change and arm and a leg the please leave a comment or contact me.

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Performancing Partners and Performancing Metrics

I use Performancing plugin for Firefox as the main tool to do my blogging and have seen that they just launched a Performancing Partners Advertising network.  To the right you will see that I have enabled it to see what it is all about.

At the same time I have enabled their metrics facility … lets see how good it is.

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Using Windows Live Writer to Blog

Downloaded the beta of Windows Live Writer and using to blog this … on first glance it actually looks good.  Even recognizes the theme I use in my blog.

Only thing I miss is interface to Technorati Tags.  Maybe it does and I just have not found it.

Update (15 Aug):  Found a plugin to insert tags called Tag4Writer — lets see whether it works by inserting tags into this blog entry.

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Upgrade of blog from WordPress 2.0 to 2.0.2

I have upgraded my blog from using WordPress 2.0 to 2.0.2. If you encounter any problems then please let me know. At the same time I have installed and activated the Akismet plugin to handle all the spam comments I receive. Should you comment and it does not appear within a couple of hours then also let me know via my contact details. We really do not want legitimate comments get caught as spam.

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