Rugby – Crooked ref

What a crooked ref …. just saw the game between WP and Blue Bulls and I have never in my live seen a ref that is so crooked.  Knock-on happen right in front of him and he ignores it. He was one sided, inconsistent, and warn but never go through with the warnings.  I get the distinct feeling that he was paid or bribed. 

It is times like this were team captains should be allowed to do something like requesting  a new ref or taking their team of the field.

Most of you might say it is sour grapes because province lost.  Maybe, and I will be the first that will say that WP did not deserve to win in the end.  But it still does not excuse the way the ref handled the game.  But as we also know nothing will be done about it.

Oh for those that do not know WP lost 45-30.

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