SCS to IBM in couple of months

As mentioned before, Safmarine has outsourced their computing requirements to IBM and in the process sold all of SCS to IBM.  Now that includes all the people of which I am one.

The official date when we become IBM’ers, as it is called, is 1 Dec 2006.  Up until 30 November we are in a process called transition.  That basically involved getting everyone changed/moved/converted to the IBM Medical Aid, IBM Pension Fund and all things IBM.   So this means that we are bombarded with information so that we can make informed decision about we going to structure our salary package and IBM needs to make sure that none of us is worse of than we are at the moment at SCS.

One thing I am really looking forward to is having access to the vasts amount of information and knowledge that is available in the IBM organization.  I am a real information junky, you have to see what my RSS reader looks like.  Oh and not forgetting all the training and courses that is available, most in an online way to be done when it suits you.

On the downside is that IBM SA headoffice is in Jhb which means I have to travel to Jhb from time to time — in fact will be spending a couple of days in Jhb coming week.

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