Installed Firefox 2

Just took the plunge and installed Firefox 2 (actually upgraded from and it seemed to go well. A couple of extensions that I use do not work with version 2 like the following:

  • SpellBound spellcheck — but was not an issue since Firefox 2 has spellcheck build in.
  • Tab Mix Plus — not an issue either since the tabbing in version 2 is a lot better than in 1.5. All feature that I miss is the progress bar in the Tab that Tab Mix had and the different color that the text on the tab had for a page that is finished loaded but not viewed yet.
  • Omea Reader — this is not an issue either since I see that Firefox 2 support external Feed Reader applications and it did list my Omea Reader. Did not try whether this work yet but will.
  • Couple of my themes did not work either but this is no issue either since I actually like the new Firefox default theme.

This is my first observations and I will post more later about my experiences.

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