That ideal work/play/relaxing place.

Now this is what I want.  I do not own my own house at the moment but the one thing that it will have when I buy a house, is a attic/loft.  I just love the feel and privacy what a attic/loft gives.  This one is not bad at all.

I am not a drummer so will replace the drums in the corner with something like a little bar.   I did say the attic/loft is also for relaxing and not just work.  Mine does not need to be as big as this one since I would not put a bed in it. 

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Moving this blog.

This Blog will be moving from it’s current home to a new home over the next week or so.  So if you happen to be the 1 or 2 people that is reading my blog and cannot find it then you know why.

The server where I am currently hosting is just getting too unreliable and I think it is a good time to move to my Dreamhost server where my other blog is already hosted.

PS. If you happen to host with or planning to host with SAHOSTPLUS.COM then please re-consider.  Their support is non-existant when something goes wrong.

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TV Shopping — what should I buy?

I am in the market for a new TV and have been doing some homework. I have decided on 2 things already:

  • It will be a Samsung – have looked at both the Sony and Samsung and although I believe the Sony’s engine is a bit better, the Samsung TV just look so much nicer.
  • It will be 32 inch – the room where I will put the TV is fairly small and anything bigger will just not work.

Basically this left me with the following sets:





The top 2 are 720p and the bottom 2 are 1080p.  If I was just looking at resolution then I would have taken the A330 since when I compared the 720p against 1080p on 32″, watching Blu-Ray, there was no noticeable difference.  However I still have to answer the following to make up my mind:

  • What difference does refresh rate of 50Mhz vs 100Mhz make?  Initial investigation by watching a soccer game on both the B550 (50Mhz) and the B650 (100Mhz) did not show much difference.  I am not a game player that play these fast games that need fast refesh rates.
  • What difference does response times make?  Have not looked at these at all.
  • Then there is the question about contrast ratios? Not looked at this at all. 
  • And then with SA moving to Digital TV broadcasting.  Does is help in getting a TV with a Digital receiver in it.  The B650 above has a iDTV (Integrated DVB-T Tuner) — the question still remains whether this will work with SA’s Digital Spec.

More questions than answers.  Your comments more than welcome.

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Mona Liza made from coffee.

Those that know me well, also know that I am as close as one gets to a coffee addict.  I cannot walk past Vida without popping out with an Americano.

Now take 3604 cups of latte, with different amounts of cream and place them together and what do you get?  This

How neat is that …

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