April fool at Google

Yes it is April fools’ day and Google is at it again.  Want a paper copy of your email mailed to you then just ask Google and they will oblige.

Now why would I want a paper copy of my mail if I can print the thing myself?  I bet there is a couple of people that are going to fall for this one.

Think a bit today before you believe anything said and written .. it might just be that somebody is trying to take the mickey out of you.

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Congratulations Tertia!!!!!

I fellow blogger, friend, colleague has won the SA Blog Awards. Congratulations Tertia, I am so happy for you and suppose now we will not cope at all with you in the office .. luckily you sit in a different building.  At least now I can rub shoulders with a famous person 🙂 but then you are famous in any case.

Does not matter what people say about the Blog Awards and the judging .. you deserve this one kiddo.

I know you on leave, when you back bring that new toy via my desk so that I can also play on it a bit … you promised!

Update: Here is a video of the award evening.

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