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The less said the better, but ….

I have purposely said as little as possible during the Cricket WorldCup but now that we, South Africa, is finish I am going to say my bit. I know it is easy for us armchair cricketers to be critical but I believe that as a South African, and a proud one, I have the right to ask certain questions.

First about yesterdays game:

  • Why does injured players go play in an important game like that?  Does being the captain automatically imply that one play even if you have a injured knee? Is Andre Nel that much better than Ntini to play with an almost broken thumb – I think not.
  • What were Smith and Kallis thinking by storming down the wicket and throwing their wicket away so early in the game?  Cricket is suppose to be a thinking man’s game — there was absolutely no thinking.
  • Why did Smith not take the 2nd and 3rd powerplay or for that matter be more attacking in the field — they needed wickets. There was no way they would have won by defending the runs.

Overall on the whole worldcup:

  • Why did Petersen go with if he was not going to be used?
  • Why was there no stability in the team? I got the feeling that no one was realy sure who should play when.
  • Surely the team strategist, whomever he or she might have been, knew what type of wickets and condition was waiting on the team.  Why was’nt a team picked that are suitable for that conditions. I am sure somebody like Paul Harris would have been much more valuable than say Kemp.

Yes I am disappointed as a South African that we are out of the WorldCup but given the above I sort of expected it, so it was not a real surprise.  The surprise would have been if we actually went on to win the cup.  The fact that we got to the semis is already more than I expected with the team they picked.

I am sure lot of you have a comment and opinion, whether you agree or not.  At least we now have a Rugby WorldCup to look forward to.  Lets go into it  optimistically and I believe if we pick the right squad then we can win that Cup.

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