The joys of being a mobile worker

As most of you that read this blog know, I work for IBM and they are very pro mobile working.  Think one of the last stats that I saw said that around 50% of IBMers are mobile workers.

Today is one of those days where I am one of that 50%.  What a pleasure not to sit in the traffic for a hour of so.  It is amazing how much more work one gets done without being interupted by people and your office phone ringing.  I think I got through the same amount of work this morning than would normally take me at least 2 full days in the office.  And all the time one is still in contact with everybody through the wonders of technology like Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime.

Think one of the best things is that one does not need to worry about what to wear since one has no face to face contact so basically one can be naked and nobody would be the wiser.

More and more companies should encourage their workers to be mobile workers. Less cars will be commuting to and from work.  Companies would save on office space since they can allocate one desk to multiple people.  People that are mobile workers also need to be more mature in the way they work.  They should be able to work independent with the least amount of supervision.

I would love to hear comments form people that work from places that is not their normal offices about their experiences, what they liked about it, what they hated and just how they feel about it.

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