Do I comment or just keep quiet?

Reading my RSS feed this morning and looking at South African Blogs, I see one common theme.  Yes you are all correct — everybody has something to say about the CWC cricket and the fact that SA lost to Bangladesh.

This made me think .. is this realy so surprising.  I think not.  Why did we became number 1 in One Day Cricket?  If you think about it then it is only because we played home series agaist 2 teams (India and Paktistan) that neither made the second round.  Oh and Australia had other things on their mind after winning the Ashes and before the world cup when they lost 5 ODI’s to New Zealand.  So just looking at this .. do South Africa realy deserve to be Number 1 in ODI cricket.  I think not and it is starting to show.  We were lucky to win against Sri Lanka in any case.

Now I have said my bit also so if anybody disagrees with me feel free to comment. Healthy debate is more than welcome.

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Have just upgraded this bolg to WordPress 2.1.3.  I quote

These releases include fixes for several publicly known minor XSS issues, one major XML-RPC issue, and a proactive full sweep of the WordPress codebase to protect against future problems.

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