Rugby World Cup – can there be more upsets?

Surely we cannot have a third upset in the Quarter Finals of World Cup?  Here I am talking about Fiji beating us this afternoon.  Both my heart and my head said this is impossible.  Strangely I thought the same yesterday morning about yesterday’s games and we all know what happened.  England send the Aussies packing and France said goodbye to the All Blacks.

At least in my books, the result of the forth game would not be a real upset.  It is already an upset that Argentina play’s in the quarters.  The real upset would come when SA and Argentina meet next week in the Semis and Argentina beat us to reach the finals to play England.  Wow, that would be one for the bookies. Wonder what odds I would get of this happening?

Swellendam Mountains
Image:  Swellendam Mountains by Marius Bock taken with Nokia N80