I hate this .. walking and living in fear – South Africa and crime.

Yesterday after attending an IBM Rational Software developers conference (more on this later), I went back to my office and did some work.  I left the office around 6:30 and walked to my car which is parked in a building just across the street.

I normally cross at the robot crossing but on the one corner 3 young guys were standing and watching people.  As I started crossing the street they started moving in my direction. I started moving up the street and so did they.  I just thought that today is the day that I get mugged — had my laptop over my shoulder and cellphone in my hand.  A colleague of mine was already mugged like this 3 times.

Luckily for me a car came up the road and I had to wait for the car.  Another 2 people joined me in crossing the street and the 3 guys must have seen this and suddenly turned around and walked away.

I have just read what happened to Louisa’s brother in Jhb yesterday.  I was not mugged yet but thinking about the fear and mistrust I experienced yesterday, I can fully understand your feelings.  What is happening to this lovely country of hours when we cannot walk freely on our streets and we mistrust every second person?

I love this country and Cape Town in particular, so all you misfits, I will stay and not run like so many people before.

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