Proud to be a South African – We are the Champions!!

Queen said it best: We are the Champions

So much has been said and written between 10:45 yesterday evening when SA won the Rugby World Cup and this morning that I am not going to repeat anything.  Just visit Amatoma and you will have enough reading material to keep you busy on this Sunday.

Pictures like these say so much about what the game and winning it meant to ordinary South Africans back home.

Celebrations in Cape Town as the team wins – Picture: Reuters

I am proud to be a South African.  Congratulations to the team and all who was involved with the team.  It was a long and sometimes bumpy road but you have made it.

Now onto New Zealand 2011 where we can become the first team to successfully defend the cup.

Lastly I have to take my hat off to England.  Everybody wrote them off when we thrashed them 36-0 but they showed guts and went on to surprise everybody by reaching the final and gave us 80 minutes of nailbiting rugby.