RWC DDay-1 and Ubuntu 7.10

One day to go to the Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and England.  What can I say that has not been said before?  I, just like each and every South African out there, say that we will win the cup.  However what worries me is this over optimism. Is this a good thing?  It is good to be optimistic and patriotic, but we need to be realistic also.  This is not just another test match.  There is much more riding on this game.  For the next 4 years the team that win this will be known as the World Champions, does not matter how bad they are or how many games they loose after this one.  We also know what happened in the previous World Cup.  Emotions and big match temperament play such a big role in this.

Yesterday Ubuntu 7.10 was let loose on the public.  It is a great release and if you have not tried Linux then give this a spin.  It is worthwhile and at the same time you can say you moving away from the buggy Microsoft software.  Read here and here all about the features and some about the community that build it.  Congrats to the whole Ubuntu team and community that got a great release out the door again.

Something about this great city I live and work in.  Here is an aerial photo of Cape Town when the building of the new Greenpoint stadium was started.

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