DTP #3: Cape Town today

Yes I know I said that it will be Daily but due to unforeseen circumstances it got to way less than Daily. 

This is the sunrise this morning as taken from my house …


And this is the view from my office of beautiful Table Mountain …


How can one not love staying in this wonderful part of the world. 

Johannesburg beggar

Yes I know it was a while but I have been so busy with travelling and working and life in general. 

Here is how ingenuous people can be.

Jhb beggar

This photo was taken when I stopped at a red robot in Johannesburg yesterday on my way from work back to my guesthouse.  This guy was painted silver from head to toe and stood dead still in the road.  I was at the robot for at least 2 minutes and he did not move at all, not even his open mouth closed. Just as the robot turned green the car in front of me dropped some money in his hat (which was also painted silver) and he moved to say thanks.  Although I do not like to give money to robot beggars, I also gave some since this was really ingenuous and he deserved some recognition.

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Cheese Festival disappointment!!

Those of you that follow my blog would know that I won tickets to the Cheese Festival, courtesy of Winecountry. Yesterday, my daughter and myself set off to spend the day at the Cheese Festival and as a cheese lover, I really looked forward to it.  I made arrangements with Henre from Winecountry to pick-up the tickets at the Clover Gate. 

The first obstacle was that the person that manned  the entrance to the dirt load that lead to the cheese festival did not want to let us in without tickets.  Explaining to him that we had to pick-up the tickets at the gate did not help much.  After much convincing he eventually let us through.  I must have known that things was not going to go smoothly.  We had to park miles away and after a long walk got to the Clover gate.  When I asked the people there that an envelope was left with the tickets for me, they had no idea what I was talking about.  The one guy asked around but no-one was really interested in searching for any tickets that might have been left there.  They just said that there was no tickets.  We just turned around and walked all the way back to our car very disappointed – (actually I was really mad since I knew that my daughter was looking forward to it and how disappointed she must have been).

I do not know who did not do their job.  Was it Winecountry that got the arrangement screwed up?  Was it the people that was suppose to drop of the tickets that just did not bother?  Or was the tickets there and the people manning the gate did not know and was not interested in looking for it.

The bottom line is that I did not go to the cheese festival and in the end it is WineCountry through witch the competition was run that has lost my confidence in them. I will have to see what will be done to make up for this .. I do not have any trust that anything will be done.

The good from all this is that my daughter and I then went onto Franshoek and spend the day in Franshoek.  I have not been there for ages.  We just parked our car and strolled down the street from little shop to little shop.  We had a great lunch in one of the many eating places.  After lunch we went to the Chocolate factory where my daughter spend some money on South African made Belgium chocolates.  Here is a picture of the little shop.

Franshoek 2

One of the main attractions in Franshoek is the Huguenot Monument:

Franshoek 4

So in the end, the day turned out quiet well and I rediscovered Franshoek again.  I will definitely visit the town again showing visitors around and spending some time in their fabulous eating places. 

South African bags a major!!

Trevor Immelman won the US Masters early this morning South African time.  Although he had a bumpy fourth round (so did everybody else) he held on and beat Tiger by 3 shots.

This is the first time since, I think, 1976 that somebody won the US Masters leading from the start.  Trevor was the leader at the end of each and every round.  Another interesting fact is that it is the first tournament this year that Tiger entered and did not win.  He got damn close but Trevor did enough in the first 3 rounds to keep him out.

And how about the Stormers?  Lets hope they can keep it up in their next couple of games and move up to at least 4th on the log to play in the semi’s. Here is the log after this weekend’s games.  As you can see, about nothing between 3rd and 8th position on the log.

Hoekom is Roos nie voor tugverhoor nie?

Vanoggend toe ek werk toe ry sien ek die volgende teen die lamppale:

  • “Schalk Burger cited”
  • Schalk voor tugverhoor”

Dis presies wat ek gister gesê het en ek het net een vraag – Hoekom verskyn Willie Roos nie voor ‘n tugverhoor nie?  Is skeidsregters en lynregters verhewe bo die reëls van rugby?

Stormers – Super14: Wie dink Willie Roos is hy?

Oor die algemeen dink ek slegte skeidsregters/lynregters besluite balanseer hulself uit oor ‘n wedstryd of 2 maar wat die afgelope 2 weke deur ‘n ene Willie Roos gedoen is verdien ‘n opinie.  Eers was dit hy wat eenoogig geblaas het in die wedstryd tussen die Stormers en die Bulle en op die uiteinde die Stormers van ‘n oorwinning beroof het.  Almal het Rassie Erasmus beskuldig van suur druiwe toe hy vir Roos beskuldig het.

Gister as lynregter in die wedstryd tussen die Sharks en die Stormers was dit weereens hy maar die keer as lynregter.  En ek praat nie net van die Schalk Burger geval nie.  Bolla Conradie is vlak voor hom deur ‘n Shark speler met die elmboog geloop en hy het absoluut niks daaromtrent gedoen nie maar hy sien oor die hele breedte van die veld iets wat Schalk nie eens gedoen het nie.

Dit was goed om te sien toe Schalk terugkeer van sy 10 minute dat die skeidsregter hom onverskoning vra maar dit maak nog nie die situasie reg nie.  Dit het 10 teen 1 die Stormers die wedstryd gekos.

Dit is hoog tyd dat net soos spelers uitgewys kan word na die wedstryd en voor ‘n verhoor moet verskyn, dieselfde met skeidsregters en lynregters moet gebeur.  Hoekom kan ‘n skeidregter en lynregter nie ook vir ‘n paar weke geskors word as hulle blatante foute maak nie en spanne van oorwinnings beroof?

Dit sal intressant wees om te sien wat met Schalk en Willie Roos hierdie week gaan gebeur!  Ek het so ‘n voorgevoel dat Schalk oor die vingers getik gaan word en in alle waarskynlikheid geskors gaan word en Willie Roos gaan skotvry daarvan afkom.

En voor iemand vra, ja ek is ‘n Stormers ondersteuner maar wat verkeerd is, is verkeerd.  Julle is welkom om jul opinies te gee.

Reach for a Dream needs your help!!!

Everyday I come to the realization how fortunate I am.  I have people I call my friends and people that call me their friends.   I have great kids who are healthy and do most of the things they want to do.  However there are lots of people and especially kids that have dreams but have no way in getting there.  That is where Reach for a Dream comes in.  It is one of my favourite charities and you can also help.

Richard Mulvey will be climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Reach for a Dream foundation.  Here is a video about the climb:

If you can help then please pledge via this form.  Every little bit will help to make some kid’s dream come true.

My blogging friends, please follow Mike’s and my lead and spread the word about this and post a blog entry.

I always wanted to go climb Kilimanjaro and this is just a little more inspiration to go and do it.

Found Stormhoek at Checkers

As mentioned yesterday, Stormhoek is now available at your nearest Checkers.  Went down to my nearest Checkers (Willowbridge) earlier today and found some Stormhoek Pinotage 2006, as can be seen from the pic to the left.  Click on it for a larger one.

Will enjoy some of it this evening .. will post my view of it afterwards. 

Now for that T-shirt and would not mind the supply of Stormhoek for a year either.

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