Weekend of sport!!

Was a really interesting sports weekend from my perspective.

The Stormers won their second game on the trot away from home.  Who would have thought this.  For a team that blows hot and cold, this is a good start to their tour in Australasia.  Lets just hope they keep it up but to be honest, the first 2 games was against weaker teams.

Tiger Woods did it again by winning the 2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational with a birdie in the 72nd hole. Woods tied Ben Hogan with the third most PGA TOUR career victories with 64. The amazing thing is that we are in March already and Tiger has not lost this year yet.  Every tournament that he has started this year, he has won.  This must be real scary for other players when they see his name on the entry list.

Formula 1 stated this weekend in Melbourne, Australia and what a disastrous weekend for the defending champions, Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen.  The race was won by Hamilton in his McLaren. I just hope this is not an indication of the season to come, since then it is going to be a very boring season.  At least the BMW team did show some improvement from last year.

And the Proteas (South Africa cricket team) moved to the number 1 spot on the ODI world rankings going past Australia.  I do not know whether that really means anything since they got there by beating the worst test team, Bangladesh, in the world.  But I suppose it is the same for all teams so it is something.

Hoekom is Roos nie voor tugverhoor nie?

Vanoggend toe ek werk toe ry sien ek die volgende teen die lamppale:

  • “Schalk Burger cited”
  • Schalk voor tugverhoor”

Dis presies wat ek gister gesê het en ek het net een vraag – Hoekom verskyn Willie Roos nie voor ‘n tugverhoor nie?  Is skeidsregters en lynregters verhewe bo die reëls van rugby?

Stormers – Super14: Wie dink Willie Roos is hy?

Oor die algemeen dink ek slegte skeidsregters/lynregters besluite balanseer hulself uit oor ‘n wedstryd of 2 maar wat die afgelope 2 weke deur ‘n ene Willie Roos gedoen is verdien ‘n opinie.  Eers was dit hy wat eenoogig geblaas het in die wedstryd tussen die Stormers en die Bulle en op die uiteinde die Stormers van ‘n oorwinning beroof het.  Almal het Rassie Erasmus beskuldig van suur druiwe toe hy vir Roos beskuldig het.

Gister as lynregter in die wedstryd tussen die Sharks en die Stormers was dit weereens hy maar die keer as lynregter.  En ek praat nie net van die Schalk Burger geval nie.  Bolla Conradie is vlak voor hom deur ‘n Shark speler met die elmboog geloop en hy het absoluut niks daaromtrent gedoen nie maar hy sien oor die hele breedte van die veld iets wat Schalk nie eens gedoen het nie.

Dit was goed om te sien toe Schalk terugkeer van sy 10 minute dat die skeidsregter hom onverskoning vra maar dit maak nog nie die situasie reg nie.  Dit het 10 teen 1 die Stormers die wedstryd gekos.

Dit is hoog tyd dat net soos spelers uitgewys kan word na die wedstryd en voor ‘n verhoor moet verskyn, dieselfde met skeidsregters en lynregters moet gebeur.  Hoekom kan ‘n skeidregter en lynregter nie ook vir ‘n paar weke geskors word as hulle blatante foute maak nie en spanne van oorwinnings beroof?

Dit sal intressant wees om te sien wat met Schalk en Willie Roos hierdie week gaan gebeur!  Ek het so ‘n voorgevoel dat Schalk oor die vingers getik gaan word en in alle waarskynlikheid geskors gaan word en Willie Roos gaan skotvry daarvan afkom.

En voor iemand vra, ja ek is ‘n Stormers ondersteuner maar wat verkeerd is, is verkeerd.  Julle is welkom om jul opinies te gee.

Bokke in Cape Town

The Bokke just passed through the streets of Cape Town and they are on their way to Newlands where the cup will find it resting place.  They passed right passed our building and I watched from the 13th floor.  Here is a photographic view of it.

Boks 1
Band playing in front of our building.

Boks 7
People gathering in the street .. cars has nowhere to go.

Boks 9
Bus approaching.

Boks 11
Top of bus with all the Boks.

Boks 13
and some spectator busses.

All photos were taken by myself with my Nokia N80.

Proud to be a South African – We are the Champions!!

Queen said it best: We are the Champions

So much has been said and written between 10:45 yesterday evening when SA won the Rugby World Cup and this morning that I am not going to repeat anything.  Just visit Amatoma and you will have enough reading material to keep you busy on this Sunday.

Pictures like these say so much about what the game and winning it meant to ordinary South Africans back home.

Celebrations in Cape Town as the team wins – Picture: Reuters

I am proud to be a South African.  Congratulations to the team and all who was involved with the team.  It was a long and sometimes bumpy road but you have made it.

Now onto New Zealand 2011 where we can become the first team to successfully defend the cup.

Lastly I have to take my hat off to England.  Everybody wrote them off when we thrashed them 36-0 but they showed guts and went on to surprise everybody by reaching the final and gave us 80 minutes of nailbiting rugby.

RWC DDay and Site upgraded to WordPress 2.3

I eventually got around to upgrade this site to WordPress 2.3.  It was reasonable painless exercise by following the instructions found here. If you do found any quirks or things wrong, please let me know.

Today is RWC DDay .. less than 7 hours to go.  This morning I spend some time in the shops and people from all ages were wearing green and rugby jerseys in particular.  I popped into a liquor store quickly and by looking at the queue, a lot of beers and other booze will be consumed tonight.  I just hope it is not to be used to drown our sorrows after the game.

Today is a day like this here in Cape Town … it is 31 degrees Celsius outside with hardly and wind.

RWC DDay-1 and Ubuntu 7.10

One day to go to the Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and England.  What can I say that has not been said before?  I, just like each and every South African out there, say that we will win the cup.  However what worries me is this over optimism. Is this a good thing?  It is good to be optimistic and patriotic, but we need to be realistic also.  This is not just another test match.  There is much more riding on this game.  For the next 4 years the team that win this will be known as the World Champions, does not matter how bad they are or how many games they loose after this one.  We also know what happened in the previous World Cup.  Emotions and big match temperament play such a big role in this.

Yesterday Ubuntu 7.10 was let loose on the public.  It is a great release and if you have not tried Linux then give this a spin.  It is worthwhile and at the same time you can say you moving away from the buggy Microsoft software.  Read here and here all about the features and some about the community that build it.  Congrats to the whole Ubuntu team and community that got a great release out the door again.

Something about this great city I live and work in.  Here is an aerial photo of Cape Town when the building of the new Greenpoint stadium was started.

Ernie did it again — World Matchplay

Ernie won the HSBC World Matchplay championship for a 7th time.  He beat Angel Cabrera 6 and 4 to win the title.

It is good to see Ernie back on a winning streak after being wayward for such a long time.

With all the tournaments that is coming up here in SA towards the end of the year, it does not mean anything good for his other opponents.

Congratulations Ernie, what a great way to show the Bok team how to beat Argentina. 


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IBM Patent, RWC and RSS feed update – 13 October 2007

My own question on whether one can patent offshoring/outsourcing was sort off answered when IBM dropped the patent application on it.

Good luck to the Boks in their game against Argentina in the RWC tomorrow evening.  I just know they will win.  And my prediction for tonight, although not easy, is that France will go through to the final.  What a prospect to look forward to, SA vs France in the RWC final.  Who would have predicted that 2 months ago?

Now onto my RSS feed tidbits:

Amazing picture taken of a Solar Eclipse on the same time every evening.

Credit & Copyright: Tunc Tezel and Cenk E. Tezel