Greater IBM

Just read on the GreaterIBM blog about their visit to Germany.  Quoting

….opportunities for this network to support business goals in key current markets, such as Germany, as well as emerging ones like China, India and Brazil.

I would like to see this also extended to South Africa which is a growing part of the world when looking at IBM.

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Move to IBM now in the final stretch

ITWeb has a story on our move to IBM … as they say in South Africa — it is now  “min dae” (for my non-Afrikaans friends and readers that mean that we almost there).

On the one side I am a bit sad in leaving SCS behind and some of my coleagues that are staying behind in Safmarine.  On the other hand I am realy existed to become an IBMer with all the opportunities and new things to learn.  It is almost like being born again.  I have already virtually met some great IBMers like Kelly and Andy.

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