No Mark … this is not on …

We all know about the Novell/Microsoft stuff that is going on and most if not all OSS/Linux supporting people does not agree with it.  But Mark, it is not on to use this to try to entice/convince openSUSE developers and community member to join your team.  One thing that is so great about OSS is the freedom it allows us to choose.  Whether that may be  openSUSE, Ubuntu or heaven forbid Windows, we still have that choice and for somebody like you to use things that you do not agree with to entice people to your side is not on. 

If the product/solution/service you provide is good enough, then people will come.  And I think Ubuntu is good enough to stand on its own legs.

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Saying goodbye to SCS (Safmarine Computer Service)

Last night we said farewell to SCS on our way to becoming IBM.  What a nostalgic evening, talking about the good times, bad times and more importantly the fun times.  Although I was only with SCS for the last 18 months, SCS started in 1974 so there was a lot of stories to be told.  And believe it but 3 SCSers from that era is still around today.

Thanks to Tertia (our famous writer and celebrity in making) that arranged this memorable evening and also Paul and Richard who will be footing the bill. Oh and thanks for the great gift .. will come in handy looking into the far distance.

It was a great evening enjoyed by everybody — great food, great music and great people.  Now we will wait for the 5th of December to see if IBM can do the same with our Welcome party 🙂

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